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Our mission is to empower merchants to build businesses, drive more sales, and cultivate a loyal customer base. We accomplish our mission via tools and human interaction. offers a full suite of tools to manage and market your marketplace store. We also believe in the power of human interaction and have built a team of account managers and support representatives. We reinvest the commissions and fees we collect into our loyalty program,, which gives customers money for future purchases.

At we want to empower the merchant, this is why all of our merchants have access to our account management team. ECCs are here to help you maximize your sales efforts and grow your business. They will share industry best practices and how to best market your products. Engaging with your ECC can greatly help increase your sales and visibility on

Robust email marketing platform that lets you as a merchant email your customers. As your sales grow so does your loyal customer base, allows you to email market to them with your newest products or hottest deals increasing their purchase frequency. This is all done through our Mail tool inside of the AlSouq Marketplace.

Storefronts are a way to allow you to brand who you are. At, the storefront is not just a title at the top of the page with a few of your products, it is a fully branded and image focused storefront. You can even mimic your current site if you choose. At we want the customer to know who they are buying from. With a storefront, the customer knows exactly who they are buying from.

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